Our Services

When it comes to planning and implementing your projects, you will benefit from our many years of experience in mobile communications technology. We have the know-how, the technical possibilities and the qualified staff to ensure the best possible implementation of your projects. We consider ourselves,
in the classical sense, as the service provider and partner at your side.

Our services range covers the following technical areas:

Planning services

  • Structural site inspections and line-of-sight tests with the corresponding equipment
  • Inventories, feasibility and building structure analyses
  • Draft and final designs plans, incl. static, parts list and construction drawings
  • Preservation orders, building and other permits
  • Application procedures, such as:
    • Lightning protection planning
    • photomontages
    • As-built documentation

Project management / construction management

  • Control and supervision of planning services
  • Construction supervision and handling of projects
  • Cost estimates, preparation of tenders
  • Scheduling and coordination of all construction trades
  • Execution of customer specific acceptance procedures
  • Maintenance of all milestones in customer databases
  • Effective and timely implementation of processes, taking costs into account
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Data management

Infrastructure services

  • Full-service construction of all types of mobile radio sites
  • Reconstruction and expansion of mobile radio sites
  • Construction and provision of mobile construction roads •
  • Civil engineering services such as foundations, fences and cable lines
  • Cable line construction
  • Delivery and erection of steel structures
  • Installation of HF systems 2G/3G/4G/5G incl. required measurements and documentation
  • Integration and operation of system technology
  • Production of the complete electrical infrastructure according to the specifications of the network operator and the planning manual
  • Manufacture of lightning protection systems and antenna grounding systems
  • Deployment of qualified and certified personnel
  • Dismantling of mobile radio sites
  • Use of cable and traction technology
  • Interference elimination from mobile radio sites
  • Maintenance and repair of mobile radio sites
  • Manufacturing of in-house systems
  • Air-conditioning, ventilation and safety systems

Site acquisition

  • Contract management
  • Property negotiations
  • Leasing services support
  • Renegotiations
  • Determination of sites